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iTrack supports several 'Plug-And-Play' iTracker devices to make sure you can use your device as soon as it is received by you.


Once it has been received, simply switch the unit on or install it in your vehicle and it is ready to use. The device will be active immediately and tracking will begin, with iTrack123 starting to gather data related to your device. Then simply log into www.itrack123.com and you can begin to use the iTrack123 system.

Setup and device configuration have all been taken care of before we send the unit to you. This will not only provide you with a unit that will perform reliably and continuously, but it also saves you any hassle of having to configure anything yourself.

Some devices are configurable and these are accompanied by a clear, easy-to-use and understand manual. Specialised installation and wiring can provide custom alerts that will suit your unique requirements. The iTrack software allows you to match the wiring installation with your online tracking system to make sure data and information is capture is precise and streamlined and the user-definable settings provide you with the ability to fine-tune the system to your needs.

Micro Devices

iTrack offers the unique handheld micro-iTracker that provides ease and convenience to the security sector. This handy device enables community at large to benefit from the iTrack technology for peace of mind.

Image that your family member can now place a micro device in the hand bag or glove compartment when he/she goes out in the night. The device reports back location data to enable you to constantly keep track of their where about.

Use with iTrack GoeFence features, you can be alerted when the device crosses certain boundary set by you. You can also engage our Message Delivery Service to have alerts sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

For any specific application, contact us.


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