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All iTracker devices capture events as they happen. They deploy the Universal Time Code to recognize exact time, irrespective of time zone differences.

As iTrack is a comprehensive system using third party major sub-systems like satellite communications, GSM mobile phone network, Internet, massive map data sets, … and the tracking interval periods, there may be slight delays in the delivery of the processed results.
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Destination & Direction
All time stamped data will be presented with time zones adjusted to each customer's location.

iTrack nation wide coverage provides you with valuable map and direction information when your target asset is being operated by other trusted members. You always have a exact information on where they are, and can provide valuable map information if needed.

With iTrack you can review historical location history onilne to any system defined period.

iTrack provides online access to enable you to “string” the information together to tell the full story. The captured coordinates of the target asset movements are transformed into maps, providing ease of use with clear and concise data. Online access to this historical information allows you to spend less time to track the movements of your target asset in great details. When you need to review information on past events, it's as simple as viewing an online map or running a trip report to confirm the location of a certain tracked target.

Our comprehensive mapping system provides an excellent range of other mapping functionalities.


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