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iTrack collects reported information from each monitored target attached to the system. The information is processed and analyzed by the server, covering a host of parameters. Many of these parameters can be set by users via the online service.

A target breach occurs when there is a change of state on any monitored status. This change of state triggers an alert and a notification message is posted. Posting of these messages on a user's web account is provided free, with the notification appearing on the entry page when you log in.

In order to maintain a record of acknowledged alerts, iTrack is designed to ensure that users check off each of these notifications. This acknowledgement can be made upon logging into your iTrack123 account via the Internet.


iTrack123 can also send alerts that users decide are high priority to mobile phones via SMS, or to a specified email account.

iTrack123 provides a range of message delivery services in addition to the standard Internet web page notification. Services include emails and SMS. MMS and phone call message deliveries are being planned for future releases.

The service is particularly useful when a user deploys mobile phone is the contact device. iTrack123 delivers textual messages via the cost effective SMS. In iTrack123, the significant advantage is in the data format. Not only do we deliver the location in latitude and longitude, we also process and interpret the location data into street name locality and suburb, …. this provides more productive and useful data to each mobile phone user.

iTrack123 message delivery service is a Pay-on-Demand service. An iTrack123 system user can still get all the system information and notification via the Internet login. Only when a User finds a need to extend notification message to other devices like mobile phone or emails that he subscribes to the service. There is no lock-in to long term commitment on the monthly service.


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