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M2M (machine-to-machine/mobile) brings together machine control applications with wireless communications. iTrack offers customized M2M solutions enabling a machine or device to be monitored or controlled from anywhere, anytime, using current wireless data technologies such as GSM/GPRS, and SMS (text messaging).

M2M Deployment Highlights:

  • Hardware/Software for wireless communication and control via GSM/GPRS
  • Dual Band wireless modem and antenna
  • Simple configuration menus
  • Plug-And-Play interface devices
  • Fully integrated iTrack web based software
  • Readily accessible data reading and reports

  • Wireless Automation and Control
  • Alarm & Notification Systems
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data and Event Logging
  • Machine Communication
  • FTP (File Transfer) Uploading
  • Email, text messaging communications


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