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iTrack offers the power to set user's own boundary for target assets, called a geofence. This feature will alert the user when the target asset moves outside or enters these set limits. The map window provides the user with easy viewing of the location and time when the target asset moves outside the set boundary.
The purpose of a geofence is to create a custom, electronic fence around a set of moving resources (e.g., tracking children, construction equipment, patrol officers, etc.) that can be used to signal an alert when a resource, person or asset has crossed a boundary.

iTrack Geofence Screen
Faster reaction times to report on target assets will greatly improve chances to recover such assets. It provides peace of mind when users entrust other members to use these target assets, knowing at all times that the target asset is within the set boundaries.


iTrack123 system database has support for popular landmarks and Places of Interest relevant to the map area. It provides handy information to all mobile users in and around the area providing convenience and comfort.

A tour guide no longer needs to keep his/her black-book on various exciting landmarks. iTrack can assist to record and provide all the handy tips as each map is surfed.

iTrack is continually updating the database to provide as much useful information to all users in the consumer and business sectors. Our Message Delivery System can then pass these readable and informative data through SMS and other communication media.


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