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iTrack deploys quality and rich map data to support its mapping services. It incorporates navigation to multiple map scales for zooming in and out providing broad overviews as well as detail accurate locations in terms of meters.

In most countries, maps can range from 1:5,000 street views in CBD areas to 1: 1 million for country wide coverage.

In addition to map images, various places of interest and public utilities are also directly attached to each relevant location providing rich information map for navigation and tracking.

Map data are available in many different formats. The most practical approach is to begin with a map in digital form. One of the most common deployments of map data is in geographical information system (GIS), which means the map file contains more information than just the map image. Within the GIS sphere, there are many file formats providing different types of information.

The term 'map file format' refers to the logical structure used to store information in a GIS file. File formats are important in part because not every GIS software package supports all formats. If you want to use a data set, but it isn’t available in a format that your GIS supports, you will have to find a way to transform it, find another data set, or find another GIS. iTrack is a one-stop solution provider to accept these formats and transform them into a consolidated raster format which is directly deployable in location based applications.

Using the unique bizMap engine, various map sources ranging from scanned plans to sophisticated GIS encrypted map formats can be crafted to work with iTrack. Each map set will be geocoded to reflect the true synchronization with captured GPS satellite location data.

Some of the common file formats supported include:

Arc Vector ERMapper MapInfo (*.mif,*.tab)
ArcInfo GeoSoft MicroStation DGN
BMP GIF OziExplorer
DBF JPEG2000 Tiger/Line
E00 files JPG USGS DOQ

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