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iTrack integrates with a diverse range of tracking hardware and software devices. AVL (automatic vehicle location) tracking devices, satellite tracking devices, personal tracking / safety devices and software solutions for generic tracking are all able to integrate with the flexible iTrack123 solution software.

iTrack AVL devices are the most commonly distributed and utilised tracking means for both commercial vehicle and asset tracking and for personal vehicle security.

iTracker 200 series devices offer cost effective fleet tracking solutions. iTracker 400 series devices offer full command and control of vehicle and asset classes.


iTrack Personal portable tracking devices cover a wide range, with applications addressing the needs of security personnel, through to private surveillance and family member safety or care for the elderly.

iTracker 300 series devices have various functionality and come in compact sizes for covert and 'easy wear' applications on the person.


iTrack Satellite devices use cost effective Short Burst Messages to deliver reliable and accurate tracking data/telemetry back to the iTrack123 solution.

iTracker 100 series satellite devices offer complete global coverage solutions to areas where GSM coverage is unavailable.


iTrack123 Software Plugin allows users to leverage on software solutions developed by iTrack123 to convert existing GPS receivers integrated to GSM communication devices to act as tracking devices to the iTrack123 software system.


iTrack123 Location Based Service (LBS) Support is now available on the iTrack123 solution to complement GPS tracking devices on supported networks globally.

This tracking facility is inbuilt into the iTrack123 system capability to locate devices on the GSM network.

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