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A major aspect of personal security is to know the location of the target person at any time. From that information, and the surrounding areas, it is possible to extend one's understanding of the situation.
Image iTrack offers the following functionality to the Guardian:
  • Locate the target via the web at any time
  • Present concise maps & reports to pinpoint target activities
  • Offer multiple messaging delivery subsystems to reach you
  • Provide information as events are occurring
  • Keep logged data to back-track any event

GPS monitoring
iTracker Devices are mobile GPS and communication devices that allow you (the 'Guardian') to keep in touch with the people whom you care for most; your elderly parents, young children, other family members needing constant attention; even your family pet. The system provides you with up to the minute location and mobility activities.
Peace of Mind: Tracking from Mobile phones
You can locate and track your loved ones, pets, staff or employees at all times, anywhere in the world via a simple phone connection. You can access iTrack123 and gain map displays, tracking history and personal details to be fully satisfied with the situation. With good information, you can even plan ahead with anticipation. You can have peace of mind without being there!

SOS Panic button
iTacker Devices are equipped with special emergency functions. Your tracking target can simply activate the panic button at times of emergency. Various channels of attention are in place for each locality to respond to such situations. Easily readable textual details with supportive location information can also be dispatched to you within seconds over your mobile phone.


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