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iTrack can do away with parking meters, carpark payment machines and toll booths. It provides the core technology and functionalities to target the Integrated Transport System objectives.

On-street parking
iTrack can monitor vehicle locations to provide location history of the time that a vehicle was parked at an on-street car bay thereby eliminating the need of having ticket issuing machines.

RFID (radio frequency identification) tags can be integrated with iTrack to provide tracking of vehicles when they enter into carparks to provide the time that a vehicle has spent in a carpark thereby eliminating the need of having carpark payment machines.

Road Tolls
iTrack can monitor the time and distance that a vehicle has spent on a toll road to provide accurate calculation of rates and charges thereby eliminating the need for toll booths and improve traffic flow.

Road Usage
iTrack provides a wealth of useful traffic and road usage information to enable traffic planning, maintenance, charging based on sectors, time of day/week, vehicle types... to improve land transport facilities and economy.

With iTrack123, we can help to eliminate the need of having to find spare change for tolls or ticket machines.


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