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M2M (machine-to-machine) is a general term for systems that enable machines and equipment to communicate. The types of information going to and fro between the remote instruments and devices and the host center will enable a synchronized and harmonious operation to be accomplished.

Real time data can be collected from the field and enter a processing center where, with other collective information, the system can make appropriate decisions on operation, service, maintenance, and location.


Image iTrack supports a well established M2M platform to operate with a range of industrial instruments and devices like sensors, readers, PLCs and RTUs over various data protocols of RS232, RS422 and RS485. This enables iTrack to provide a full product portfolio for exploiting the business opportunities brought by the popular GPRS wireless data.
The advantages by implementing M2M are:
  • Better accessibility/availability
  • Simpler documentation of availability
  • Rationalisation of service and maintenance
  • Possibility of remote diagnosis
In addition, the implementation of M2M offers other exciting possibilities such as the use of M-commerce with vending machines and the use of standard portable PC or PDA for remote control and reading status.
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