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In the Courier industry, knowledge of the exact whereabouts of courier bicycles, motorcycles or vehicles is one of the most important aspects of running an efficient service.

In addition to tracking vehicles, iTrack provides courier companies with the ability to track bicycle couriers and motorcycle couriers using full range of unique iTrack field devices, ranging from micros to portable handheld models.

Courier companies can benefit from iTrack123 services through:

  • Increased visibility of courier locations;

  • Improve operating efficiencies by monitoring over-time claims and vehicle utilization;

  • Maximizing courier productivity and security;

  • Reviewing productivity reports.


iTrack can help to enhance customer service by :
  • Better manage shipments by responding to problems or changing customer requirements;

  • Improve on-time deliveries with the ability to determine real time accurate arrival times, package locations and status;

  • Minimize losses due to theft or spoilage in vehicle transport with onboard sensors to immediately notify if assets have been compromised.

Enhance your customer service and operating efficiency as a courier business by utilizing iTrack123 to provide you with real time information of your couriers’ movements.


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