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Maximizing your fleet productivity and security

iTrack solutions allow businesses to maximise their mobile fleet asset productivity and obtain indepth analytical information to continuously improve operations.  iTrack commercial solutions are able to customise reports and offer system integrations to existing business applications for further streamlined operations in extending Fleet Management requirements to Human Resources, Job Dispatch and addressing Occupational Health & Safety concerns.

Improve Operating Efficiencies

iTrack enables you to take a more strategic approach to better utilize your vehicle assets. Enable better, faster business decisions with:
  • Optimized asset use through fleet visibility and control, supported by real-time position mapping of mobile assets. With exact street address (instead of GPS co-ordinates) you can make the most of your mobile assets - like identification of back haul opportunities or location of misplace/lost trailers. You also have the ability to remotely manage temperature and onboard security (like locks and keypads) from any web-enabled device
  • Improved asset maintenance through predictive and preventative maintenance interfaces to your asset's engine diagnostics or through iTracker interfaces to various external devices that identifies key milestones or maintenance thresholds

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Comprehensive Tracking / Journey / Status & Business Reports

Productivity reports summarize important asset-specific information in a concise text format and are user-configurable. Standard reports include:
  • Working hours summary
  • Stop/Go activity report
  • Idle time summary
  • Alarms
  • Trip Summary
  • Trip Details
  • Vehicle history

Enhance Customer Service

Timely, accurate visibility of vehicles and cargo conveyances allow you and your customers to:
  • Better manage shipments by responding to problems or changing customer requirements
  • Improve on-time delivery with the ability to determine in real time accurate arrival times, load locations and status
  • Minimize losses due to theft or spoilage with onboard sensors that notify you immediately when your assets may have become compromised

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