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Bus and transport operators have always been plagued with late arrivals or cancelled services whilst the public or customer is left waiting without any updates on expected service.  iTrack has the solution to meet the needs of bus and transport operators by providing the public and operators with access to gps location information on displays at bus stops or mobile phone request services.

iTrack Bus Fleet Systems

Bus Operators can improve Customer Service with GPS Tracking

iTrack can help to provide small and large operators with gps tracking information on where their vehicle assets are at any time, and allowing the operators to display scheduled arrival information at custom displays at bus stands.

iTrack even allows customers to request expected time of arrival of vehicles or current location of the vehicle to their mobile phones to give customers better visibility on when to plan for their trip.

Don't leave customers waiting on you, keep them informed of your service with iTrack.

Bus & Transport Vehicle Operational Safety

Bus and truck fleets can improve safety for passengers and drivers by fitting vehicles with duress or panic buttons within the vehicle cabin or throughout the bus to allow the duress situation to be sent to the iTrack central management center and police for fast response coordination.

Integrate with onboard video surveillance and image capture retrieval to iTrack central management center to ascertain the level and type of duress will help prioritise the type of action to take.

Reduce the time it takes to get a police or ambulance response to the onsite situation by using the iTrack GPS Tracking solution.

Improve Fleet Productivity with iTrack Route Planning

Reduce maintenance and fuel costs through monitoring of asset use during and after working hours as bus and truck fleets are expensive to operate.  Optimising route plans and analysing trip durations for a particular journey run allows operators to get the most out of their fleets.

Maximise Route Planning strategies with integrated Passenger Counting systems on buses to allow operators to identify changing public usage demographics.


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