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As the agriculture industry covers large geographical areas, GPS tracking provides the means to meet the needs of the industry.
High frequency monitoring and gps tracking of the status and movements of agricultural vehicles/equipment provides constant information of utilization and coverage for real time viewing on online maps via iTrack123’s service or reporting of historically logged data for later review.
iTrack GPS tracking in Agriculture

Application of GPS tracking within Agriculture

iTrack can be applied to the agriculture industry in managing, monitoring and securing the various agricultural vehicles and equipment.

Farming equipment security

Farming vehicle gps tracking is often extended to asset security as equipment is spread across large tracts of property, with the loss of a single machine even for a short time, costing farming businesses dearly.

Remote asset management

Remote control and operation of valves for irrigation and access gates for farms using iTrack GSM/GPS devices offer another level of control which can be visually represented on maps to give a quick reference view of the state of the farming operation.

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